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My name is Natalie Feder and I’ve been designing jewelry for 25 years.  I completed full national service – at the ‘Beit Hayeled’ children’s house in Jerusalem. Following my national service I studied jewelry design for 3 years at the ‘Omanit’ Institute for Design and Silversmithing in Jaffa.  Towards the end of my studies there I married Harel and we have 3 amazing kids, Over the last 25 years, jewelry design has been and continues to be an integral part of my life.  During this time I have been lucky enough to find and develop my own niche market specializing in transforming sentimental family jewelry (that otherwise often just sits unused in a drawer …) into stunning, one of a kind pieces of jewelry.

And it continues to be a source of huge pleasure and personal pride that I am able to work with the owners of these pieces of jewelry and create for them beautiful, wearable and modern designs.

In addition, I have designed and produced my own  jewelry collection.  Today, I am looking to learn about all relevant ways and channels (digital and otherwise) that will be useful in propelling my jewelry design business forward.

Inspiration for my designs comes from many sources and directions including nature, architecture, fashion trends, the animal world, famous artworks and even such mundane items as wallpaper!
I specialize in redesigning sentimental family pieces and often, resetting precious stones from many of those pieces; working together with the family to create beautiful, modern, bespoke jewelry which is often created to mark special family occasions (such as bar/batmitzvas, weddings etc).

Over the years, I have always continued to be involved in working and volunteering for my community and I am a member of the Netanya Ladies’ Circle organization.   This has always been important to me and I have continued to find time to do this in my private life as well as running my jewelry business.


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